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Project Description

Kinder El Bienestar

This public benefit project corresponds to a preschool kindergarten which was built with the purpose of being a physical space that would meet the adequate conditions so that children could receive their classes in decent and quality conditions. The proposal raises the proposal of the need to design and build a place where children managed to receive education in a comfortable and pleasant space.

There were some limitations of the project in terms of design, for which the client indicated the following. Because the area constantly suffers from natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tropical depressions, it must be resistant to this type of phenomenon. The material that will be used to build had to be ecological and that also the place will have good ventilation and lighting for the best school use of the children. A classroom was built for children, ecological toilets and an outdoor play area.

LOCATION: Cancun, Quintana Roo
YEAR: 2009

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